Name INFUSE Co., Ltd.
Address Kozono 879 Ayase-shi, Kanagawa Zip code 252-1121
Establishment December, 2005
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Representative Masatada Iwano
Contact 0467-77-1202
Business contents Battery Regeneration Services
1. Recharge of old Batteries.
2. Research on a rechargeable battery
3. The production battery reuse device, sale, maintenance and repair
4. The usage of the battery reuse device and technical guidance for personnel training about the maintenance, education
5. Investigation, research, and development of a cost-saving system of night-time electric power use
6. The study of the accumulation of electricity, development

Maintenance Services
1. Maintenance, check and repair of electrical facilities and equipments

Sales Services
1. Sale of strage batteries and other products

Rental Services
1. Lending of cleaning machinery
2. Lending of strage batteries and electrical equipments

Overseas Services
1. Importing, exporting and sales of electrical facilities and equipment

Recycling Services
1. Collection and transportation of recyclable goods, recyclable row materials and waste products
2. Sales of recyclable goods and recyclable row materials
3. licenced antique dealer