Battery Deterioration Diagnosis

About Battery Deterioration Diagnosis
We check how deteriorated the battery is and the expected expiry left.
That shows you the ability on how much the battery can be charged.

After the Japan Earthquake, the request of checking battery capacity has increased rapidly. Electricity was cut off over wide areas at the time of the Japan earthquake in 2011.The storage batteries for emergency should have been operated during a power outage as many factories and companies had storage battery equipments.  However, there were many cases that the batteries did not work as expected.  After the earthquake, there are many requests for checking battery capacities from many factories and companies, even from the power companies.

Service Details
We do “short-term discharge testing” for each battery cell.
The results of testing is output shown as a graph.
We make a combined report of the results from “short-term discharge testing” and other diagnostic tests, and submit them to our customers.

Floating Voltage Measurement, Short-term Discharge Voltage Measurement,
Inner Resistance Measurement, Electric Motive Force Measurement,
Appearance Check
Diagnostic BatteryStationary Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery
Small-sized Valve Regurated Lead-Acid Battery
Vented type Stationary Lead-Acid Battery
Nichel metal hydride battery
Sintered type Alkaline Stationary Battery
Pocket type Alkaline Stationary Battery
Approximately 220 cell of batteries / day
The diagnostic time of the above is a rough standard. It depends on the situation.

We recommend a Battery Periodic Performance Testing Service once or twice a year to our customers.
This testing is similar to Battery Deterioration Diagnosis Service above.

Our service is provided domestically in Japan.