Automatic floor scrubber "CLEAN BURNY" SE-430 [Approved Machine]
In the station, hospital, and public spaces.
In the station, hospital, and public spaces.
In the stores, restaurants, and shops.
In the stores, restaurants, and shops.
In the office, buildings, school and apartment.
In the office, buildings, school and apartment.

Automatic floor scrubber " CLEAN BURNY SE-430" made by AMANO in Japan is a cleaning machine for business space used in a supermarket, a department store, a hospital, a convenience store, a factory and a variety of work spaces.
"CLEAN BURNY SE-430" has best work efficiency in Japan, and anyone can operate easier. So it’s possible to clean the floor in a short time.
Many Japanese-affiliated companies went into the foreign countries and came to hear a lot of demands of the cleaning of the Japanese standard from overseas.
Keeping clean the workplaces enhance the work efficiency and safety in the workplace.
And also it will lead improvement of employee morale, and increase the ability to attract customers.
We change the parts of the used scrubber for a new parts, and we provides it in a performance state same as a new article. Therefore We offer a high-performance scrubber for low price.
We want to help with the realization of comfortable floor environment by introducing “CLEAN BURNY SE-430”.


Easy Operation

East operation by an illustrated operation panel.
A start and the stop of the scrubber only perform single touch of a button.
It realize simple operation and usability by an illustrated operation panel.

Battery Management

You can management of the battery.
It is displayed on a operation panel if supplementary water is necessary for battery, so you can largely increase the life of the battery.

Compact Design

Compact design
SE-430 have a small turning circle. It is possible to clean in narrow spaces.

Easy Pad Replacement

Easy pad replacement
The one-touch lock makes it easy to replace pad or brush.
You can replace the brush or pad to easy and speedy by raising and lowering the lock.

No Wipe Twice

No wipe twice by a new-designed squeegee.
A squeegee collects all dirty water. So you never have to wipe twice.

Easy Drain Water

Easy drain water by the specially-designes gate valve.
The specially-designed gate valve lets you drain water quickly and easily without getting your hands dirty.

New-Designed Squeegee

New-designed squeegeeSpecially-shaped rear squeegee thorouthly sucking up every drop of dirty water.

By durable improvement and special shape of the squeegee rubber, SE-430 can collect every dirty water on the floor and tile efficiently. Rubber replacement is easier by the adoption of new method.


Cleaning Width 432mm
Squeegee Width 820mm
Cleaning Capability 800m2/h(Max.)
Cleaning Speed Up to 4.0km/h
Washing Liquid Tank Capacity 23litters
Recovery tank Capacity 17litters
Pad/Brush Diameter 432mm (17inch)
Pad/Brush Rotaion Speed 250rpm
Caster Diameter(Front) 75mm
Caster Diameter(Rear) 180mm
Pad Motor 500W
Suction Motor 380W
Power Supply DC24V(DC Battery 12V 65Ah x 2)
Running Method Mannual handling
Size(W x L x H) 490mm x 900mm x 850mm
Weight 131kg
Allowable Continuous Operation Length Approx. 2hours (*)
* The operating hour various according to pad, floor, or bearing pressure conditions.


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Establishment December, 2005
Representative Masatada Iwano
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